thanks to all our experts on the 2016-17 and 2017-18 programmes

Mike Burnage is co-founder of Ella forums and is a seasoned coach and mentor with vast experience of supporting leaders in charities and social enterprises. Mike introduced the 2016-17 programme and helped us consider the type of leader we want to be.

Helena Holrick is a progress coach who has trained thousands of people over 30 years in diverse organisations, and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs. Helena guided us through how to develop a Strategy on a page in 2016 and 2017.

Paul Anderson Walsh has a vast amount of experience in facilitating high-level strategic change workshops. The former CEO of The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust has worked as a Leadership and Development practitioner with a wide variety of organisations including: Cambridge University Press, The Disney Corporation, The Design Council, Sir Robert McAlpine, Defra and now SWDDF!  Paul is highly regarded for his ability to help management teams work together and led a session on Inclusive Leadership.

Helena Sharpstone of Sharpstone Skinner brought a wealth of experience of coaching and developing leaders at the top of their game to achieve more. If you’re already operating at a level where you are responsible for transforming your organisation and need expert input to help you adapt your approach to motivate and inspire a diverse organisation, Helena can help.

John Teller is very knowledgeable and led a practical session about how charity governance is the CEO's friend in 2016. Cecile Gillard of Burton Sweet picked up this mantle and led an insightful and informative session around the legislative framework for governance with practical tips and links on the 2017-18 programme.

Abbie Kench specialises in Team Motivation and brought her experience to help our 2016-17 programme participants effect employee engagement and team building in their workplace.

We were delighted to welcome mutli-award-winning Martin Edwards, CEO of Julia's House Hospice whose tried and tested methods for staff engagement, team leadership and motivation provided much inspiration for our 2017-18 participants. 

Steve Lloyd of The Colour Works looks at how leaders can develop the untapped potential that exists in our workforce and introduced the Insights Discovery model  to enhance leadership capabilities in 2017 and 2018.

Sue Porto of St John's in Bath has held senior roles in private, public and charitable sectors. Successfully managing cultural change has been integral to all her roles. In this inspirational 'think session' Sue explains her belief that to be an authentic leader, you first need to understand yourself before you can recognise what motivates others in 2017 and 2018. 

Claire Stone is a nutitional therapist, "not a food dictator".  Claire led a practical session to help us understand how what we eat and drink makes us feel better, be more productive, more creative and more engaged at work. 

Charlotte White, executive coach and mentor, provided a fun and interactive session about how we can ensure we are creating the right levels of stress for maximum gains, with practical guidance on how to manage stress in ourselves and others.

Mark Hughes delighted course participants with a very active and enlightening session on emotional intelligence and shared many useful resources with us all.




Our partners are so important in helping make the SWDDF Charity Leadership Development Programme accessible and affordable for all charities across our region. 


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