Making your charity and leadership flourish


Being a leader takes vision, patience, effort, dedication and much more. To be a good leader it also requires you to step away and take time to reflect on your leadership so you and your charity can excel.

Is this the programme for me?

This programme is open to CEOs and all leaders within charities who hold strategic and budgetary responsibility and wish to improve their leadership skills. We guarantee to help you tackle your personal and organisational goals through 10 expert-led sessions, group problem-solving and personal coaching. Members benefit from openness, support, expertise, and from being in the company of others who have integrity and a desire to improve.


what does the programme cover?

  • Personal effectiveness, emotional intelligence and leadership styles - how to engage and inspire those around you.

  • Strategy and business planning - how to position your charity within the wider world and embed strategic change within it.

  • Governance - what you need to know and why, with tools to help you and your Board improve.

  • Team motivation - practical methods to apply in your charitable organisation.

  • Negotiations and how to lead courageous conversations.

  • Topical issues brought up by the group and from the individual Needs Analysis completed before each programme starts. How to address HR issues is a regular feature of the action learning sessions, as it managing upwards, and working with your Chairman and Board of Trustees.



  • Build your network with a group of peers who want you to succeed.

  • Hear from industry experts to help you think strategically about the day-to-day running of your charity.

  • Work with 12-16 charity leaders in an environment designed to allow you to share the challenges that keep you up at night.

  • Gain perspective and impartial insight by spending time stepping back with a dedicated professional coach.



This includes 10 monthly sessions between October 2019 and July 2020, all resources, plus 3 one-to-one coaching sessions. Lunch is included giving time for getting to know your peers on a more informal basis.

Payment is by invoice and can be made in 4 installments as required.

comments from participants

"This is by far the best programme I have ever attended - every session was really useful and has definitely helped me in my new role". Hannah Young, Unseen

"I am now a different person at work - I have been promoted, am more confident and more assertive, thanks to this programme". Emily Nelson, TreeAid

Tom has been elevated to become Director of one of the charities he was previously fundraising for and says "I wouldn't have had the knowledge or the bottle to have even applied for the Director role had it not been for this programme. I feel much more comfortable with challenges I face as I have discovered these are common problems experienced by many.". Tom Edwards, Phase Worldwide

"The format of this programme is the best I have attended by far. Not only did it help me to develop professionally, it gave me ways I could cascade learning across my charity. I now delegate more strategic work to my direct reports which helps them to develop their professional skills. This has freed up more of my time to devote to income generation across the whole charity". Kate Few Singh, Hospiscare

"If you lead a charity in the South West, I can wholeheartedly recommend this leadership development programme to you, having benefitted greatly from it over the last nine months" Dan Green, Directors, Bridges for Communities

"What I liked most about this programme was the flexibility to tailor sessions to the needs of the group. Jenny made sure that we were all supported and that the programme met our personal criteria. The combined approach of carefully selected speakers and group problem solving kept the programme dynamic and interesting. It has given me tools that I can apply in the workplace and has helped me develop as a person, colleague and leader." Vickie, Tree Aid

"An opportunity to learn, develop, share, network and support. The charity sector is a hard place to work at times; having a support network like this is very beneficial and comforting." Matt Smith, Weldmar Hospicecare Trust

"Professionally, the programme has helped me to grow in confidence and provided space for my own personal growth and development" Katie, Director, Bristol Playbus

"I’ve thoroughly appreciated the time, space and training that it’s given me over the last year." Amy, Development Director, One25

"My role can be very isolating, particularly navigating this difficult economic time; the support through the group has been fantastic!" Jo, Managing Director, Temwa

"The programme has been a real boost for me in role.  Running a charity can be really lonely and the peer support has been invaluable.  I have got something very tangible out of every session so far!" Ali, Development Manager, Young Carers Development Trust

“The speakers have both broadened my mind and confirmed some of my approaches.  The others in the group have been a massive support,providing me with the peer support and critical friends I need.  Thank you.” Anna, CEO, One25

“Through the programme I have met the most amazing group of people who face similar challenges and together, we have found solutions and peer support.” Tina, CEO, Brain Tumour Support

‘The programme has been excellent. The group has benefitted from inspirational speakers and it has been invaluable to be able to share ideas and learn from each other." Lucy,  Development Manager, Young Bristol


Which charities take part?

To date, leaders from international development organisations, visitor attractions, cultural institutions, advocacy bodies, hospices, universities, children's charities and youth service providers, carers charities, a national environmental charity, medical charities and disability organisations have participated. For example: 

  • Dan is Executive Director of a charity with 4 staff and a turnover under £100,000. He is looking to grow the charity and with no previous leadership training, wants the time and space to consider the big picture and plan for the long-term.

  • Tina is a CEO of a medical charity with 15 years experience and a turnover close to £350,000. She wants networking, peer support and a place to learn from others.

  • Matt is a Senior Leader of a hospice with a turnover of £8 million and is looking to develop his strategic planning and leadership skills.

  • Anna is an experienced charity CEO leading a charity with a turnover of £900,000 and is looking for fresh ideas, good practice and support from her peers.

The programme is tailored to the needs of each group through an initial Needs Analysis and to each participant's personal needs are met through one-to-one coaching.

Please contact Nancy or Jenny for an informal, no obligation discussion.